These Are Fascinating Small Towns That You’ll Want To Visit!

There is nothing wrong with being small. In fact, beautiful things come from small things. Big things come from small things! These small towns below are fascinating in their own unique way! You might say that it is still better to live in a big city but when you see these small towns, I bet you will change your minds. In a city, you will find everything but not the nature and beautiful scenery you will find in these small towns.

Upon seeing these towns, I was really amazed. I know for sure, you will be amazed too! What it is to live in a small town but is so full of serenity, fresh air, beautiful scenes, and all that is pleasing to the eyes. It is like living in a small paradise.  Know these 11 small towns that looks so unique and beautiful to live in.


Yangshuo, China

You will love the view here! The unique geographical location of this town made this place special as it makes this town magical and surreal.

Yangshuo, China - Yangshuo - China

small towns - Yangshuo, China 2 - Yangshuo - China


Stalheim, Norway

Stay in a mountain hotel and enjoy the view here in Stalheim. Have you seen such houses? If you will go here, you will see houses with grasses growing in their roofs.

small towns - Stalheim, Norway 1 - Stalheim - Norway

small towns - Stalheim, Norway 2 - Stalheim - Norway


Gasadalur, Faroe islands

This town may be isolated and located in a remote area but this town is picturesque. Gasadalur is famous for stories about elves and spirits. This is the right place if you want a quiet place to live in.

Gasadalur, Faroe islands - Gasadalur - Faroe islands

small towns - Gasadalur, Faroe islands 2 - Gasadalur - Faroe islands


Burano, Italy

Look at those colorful houses! According to a legend, the houses in Burano are painted brightly with colorful colors so that fishermen can see their houses even if there is a thick fog in the place. I would be happy to live in this place seeing bright colored houses. Houses in Burano follows a special color system that if they wanted to repaint their houses, they need to get special permission from the government.

Venice Landmark, Burano Island Canal, Colorful Houses And Boats, - Burano - Italy

small towns - Burano, Italy 2 - Burano - Italy


Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is surrounded by Alpine mountains and is full of beautiful landscapes surrounding the town.

small towns - Hallstatt, Austria 1 - Hallstat - Austria

small towns - Hallstatt, Austria 3


Bibury, England

Bibury is popular because of its honey-colored stone houses that are really beautiful to look at.

small towns - Bibury, England 1 - Bibury - England

small towns - Bibury, England 2 - Bibury - England


Smogen, Sweden

If you wanted to buy freshly-caught fishes and other sea foods, this is the perfect place to go. Smogen is popular for its fish markets selling fresh sea foods that will make your mouth water. Not just that. See also the wild landscape located beside those houses.

small towns - Smogen, Sweden 1 - Smogen - Sweden

small towns - Smogen, Sweden 2 - Smogen - Sweden


Giverny, France

This is the town where Claude Monet lived for 43 years. Claude Monet, a famous painter, fell in love with this place and decided to move her and live for 43 years. He painted some of his paintings in this striking place.

small towns - Giverny, France 1

Giverny - France


Mykonos, Greece

This place is just like heaven, all houses are painted white. Enjoy the clear water and delicious food served in this town.

small towns - Mykonos, Greece 1

small towns - Mykonos, Greece 2


Colmar, France

Colmar is also known as “Little Venice”. What makes this quiet town special is that the bridges and houses are being decorated with colorful flowers. When you visit this place, you will surely see flowers everywhere you go. In addition to that, Colmar have cute fascinating fountains, cafes, and narrow canals. You can picture out this place like what you see in postcards.

small towns - Colmar, France 1

small towns - Colmar, France 2


Reine, Norway

This town is really small having only a population of over 307. But its size cannot affect the beauty of this town along with its local landscapes. You can enjoy many leisure activities here like hiking, biking, ski touring, and kayaking.

small towns - Reine, Norway 1

small towns - Reine, Norway 2


Amazing small towns, do you agree?


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