These 16 Places Will Bring Your Nightmares!

There is something extraordinary in every place, you just need to find out where these could be found. Here are 16 places that will surely give you chills.

Akodessewa Fetish Market – Togo

nightmares - Akodessewa Fetish Market - Togo

Over half of Togo’s population is practicing indigenous beliefs that needs stuffs you wouldn’t find in any normal market. In a fetish market, you will find flesh, shrunken heads, skulls, and many other strange things.


Centralia – Pennsylvania

nightmares - Centralia - Pennsylvania

This was once a busy mining town but the coal veins in the city caught fire causing the inhabitants of the place to abandon the city. It is said that there are about 10 people still living in this place.


Cincinnati’s Abandoned Subway – Ohio

nightmares - Cincinnati - Abandoned Subway - Ohio

This was supposed to be a subway but ran out of funds so it was not finished. Still, this subway is open if you want to explore the place.


Hoia Baciu Forest – Romania

nightmares - Hoia Baciu Forest - Romania

This is famous for being called the Bermuda Triangle of Romania since many people have gone missing in this area. Some people have claimed they have experienced unexplained phenomena in this place such as seeing a UFO and more.


Island of the Dolls – Mexico

nightmares - Island of the Dolls - Mexico

A legend lies behind this island. It is said that a girl was found in the canals of the island. Dolls began to appear ashore after the said girl was found. The only caretaker of the island then began to hang dolls in memory of the girl.


Jatinga  – India

nightmares - Jatinga - India

This was once a normal town not until a massive amount of deaths occur to birds during September to October. Today, several conservation groups have made an effort to decrease the strange happening of the place.


Kabayan Mummy Caves  – Philippines

nightmares - Kabayan Mummy Caves - Philippines

The Kabayan Mummy Caves are caves full of preserved mummies. These caves contain some of the best preserved mummies all over the world.


Kryziu Kalnas “Hill Of Crosses” – Lithuania

nightmares - Kryziu Kalnas - Hill Of Crosses - Lithuania

Kryziu Kalnas is originally a ceremonial site wherein Lithuanians mourn for the dead people killed at war. The Soviet Union bulldozed the place twice but the people rebuilt the place. Now, over 100,000 crosses stand still in this hill.


Leap Castle – Ireland

nightmares - Leap Castle - Ireland

The Leap Castle is known to be one of the most haunted castles in the world. It is said that an unseen force called the “Elemental” is roaming around its hallway. This castle was built on top of a torture pit making it haunted. Another thing is that the Leap Castle has a history of numerous killings making it one of the most haunted in the planet.


Maunsell Sea Forts – North Sea, England

nightmares - Maunsell Sea Forts - North Sea England

These sea forts were built for England’s protection by a potential invasion by the Nazis during WWII. Today, these sea forts are still standing but empty.


Oradour-sur-Glane – France

nightmares - Oradour-sur-Glane - France

During the WWII, this small village in France was destroyed by the Nazis. Almost all people living in the village was executed and the whole place was burned. Up until today, remnants are still visible in the area.


San Zhi Resort – Taiwan

nightmares - San Zhi Resort - Taiwan

The San Zhi Resort is said to be haunted because numerous and strange amount of deaths have been reported during its construction. This caused people to abandon the place leaving the place empty.


The Catacombs – Paris

nightmares - The Catacombs - Paris

These skulls are hidden beneath the city streets of Paris. At about 6 million bodies are resting in this cemetery.


The Door to Hell – Turkmenistan

nightmares - The Door to Hell - Turkmenistan

Before, this was a gas field but the Soviet Union burned the place leaving it burning like hell for over 40 years until now.


The Mütter Museum – Pennsylvania

nightmares - The Mütter Museum - Pennsylvania

This museum is keeping bones, organs, fetuses, and statues that will give you chills. Being dedicated to the medical anomalies, the Mütter Museum have the world famous medical equipment, wax models, pathological and anatomical specimens, and medical oddities.


Varosha – Cyprus

nightmares - Varosha - Cyprus

Varosha is a city already abandoned after the Turkish invasion. People have evacuated after the invasion leaving Varosha a dead resort city.


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