Have A Glimpse Of Krubera Cave, The Deepest Cave In The World!

The Krubera Cave is the deepest known cave on the planet. It is sometimes called Voronya Cave. Why is that this is the deepest cave across the world? Just imagine a cave which is 7,208 feet deep and 8 miles long! That is just so deep. The Krubera Cave can be found in the Arabika Massif in the Gagra district of Abkhazia, Georgia.

You might wonder why this cave was named Krubera Cave. Krubera Cave got its name from a Russian geographer named Alexander Kruber. Its other name Voronya Cave is derived from its Russian meaning “Crows’ Cave”. This was given due to the number of crows nesting in the entrance pit of the cave. This became the cave’s second name.

Many have explored this cave due to their interest of its depth. Many wanted to go through 2,000 meters deep but only a few succeed. This cave has a pool too. No wonder why this cave is so beautiful. You can discover many amazing things about it when you explore this cave. Take a look at these photos of the Krubera Cave.


krubera cave 1



krubera cave 2


krubera cave 3


krubera cave 4


krubera cave 5


krubera cave 6


krubera cave 7


krubera cave 8


krubera cave 9


krubera cave 10


krubera cave 11


krubera cave 12

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