Know These Top 10 Island Cities, Stunning Beauties!

When we speak of being on the top, it means they stand out among the rest. These top 10 island cities listed are among the best island cities in the world. Check them out.


1. Trogir, Croatia

Trogir is a one of the unique historic towns of the world having these collections of Renaissance and Romanesque architecture along with an impressive cathedral. In 1997, this town earned a World Heritage status. Being an island, this place is good for vacation and a serene place to stay.

Trogir has so many magnificent structures to see. The Cathedral of St. Lovro is one of the finest structures being built on the 13th to 15th century. Another 15th century architecture is the town hall of the place which has a Gothic yard. Other magnificent structures include the Kamerlengo Fortress and the Convent of St. Nicholas.

island cities - Trogir, Croatia 2

island cities -Trogir, Croatia


2. Mozambique (Moçambique)

Mozambique is one of the popular tourist destinations. This island is shaped like that of a crescent moon. The Palace & Chapel of São Paulo, Fort of São Sebastião, Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte, and Church of Santo António are among its popular sights.

island cities - Moçambique - Mozambique 1

island cities - Moçambique - Mozambique 2


3. Lübeck, Germany

Lübeck has so many enchanting buildings. It is one of the founding cities of the Hanseatic League. The Holstentor, Museumsquartier St Annen, Marienkirche, and Europäisches Hansemuseum are among the popular sights in Lübeck.

island cities - Lübeck Germany 1

island cities - Lübeck Germany 2


4. Male, Maldives

This pint-sized Male island is the capital of Maldives. Its popular sights include the Old Friday Mosque, National Museum, Grand Friday Mosque and Islamic Centre, and more.

island cities - Male, Maldives 1

island cities - Male, Maldives 2


5. Key West, Florida

Key West is famous for its conch-style houses, pastel-hued, and laid-back attitude. This is a place where cruise-ships stop. This place is also popular because of its coral reefs which made snorkeling and diving so interesting and fun.

island cities - Key West, Florida 1

island cities - Key West, Florida 3


6. Mexcaltitán, Mexico

Mexcaltitán is a shield-shaped town in Nayarit. Museo del Origen is an enchanting museum located in the plaza of Mexcaltitán which contains the history of the Aztec, archaeological collections, petroglyphs, and photographs of ruins. This island is believed to be the birthplace of the Aztecs.

island cities - Mexcaltitán, Mexico 1

island cities - Mexcaltitán, Mexico 2


7. Tromsø, Norway

Tromso, being the largest town in the north of Norway, has very good and fascinating features to look by. You can witness its live cultural bashes, animated scenes in the street, midnight-sun marathon, and buskers that will entertain you. Among its famous sights are the Polaria, Arctic Cathedral, Polar Museum, and the Fjellheisen.

island cities - Tromsø, Norway 1

island cities - Tromsø, Norway 2


8. Lindau, Germany

Lindau is a major town located in the eastern part of Lake Constance. Among its beautiful sights in this place are the Seepromenade, Stadtmuseum, Peterskirche, and Altes Rathaus.

island cities - Lindau, Germany 1

island cities - Lindau, Germany 2


9. Santa Cruz del Islote, Colombia

The size of this island is one-tenth of a square kilometre making it very crowded for the over 1,200 people to live. Santa Cruz del Islote is located off coast of Colombia. In order to reach this place, you have to ride a ferry boat from Tolu port. Villagers claim that it is very peaceful to live in this place that they don’t need the police because there is no violence happening in this area. All of the people living here know each other.

There are only 90 houses, one restaurant, two shops, and one school present in this island. Villagers also claim that Santa Cruz del Islote has no mosquitoes because of the island’s location.

island cities - Santa Cruz del Islote, Colombia

island cities - Santa Cruz del Islote, Colombia 2


10. Florianópolis, Brazil

Florianópolis is the capital city of Santa Catarina, Brazil. It is abundant of beaches having 42 beaches all in all. This city has been the center of surfing activities. Among its fascinating sights are Museu Histórico de Santa Catarina, Casa da Alfândega, Avenida Beira Mar Norte, and Mercado Público.

island cities - Florianópolis, Brazil 1

island cities - Florianópolis, Brazil 2



 Did you know that these islands exist?

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