Japan As The Most High-Tech Country Across The Globe!

Japan is popular for its scientific research. Scientists have made huge contributions in different fields such as electronics, automobiles, machinery, optics, medical research, earthquake engineering, industrial robotics, conductors, and many more. This explains why Japan is one of the most high-tech country all over the globe.

Since 1973, the nation  is striving to be less dependent on imported fuel. After years of trying, Japan finally succeeded by having initiated seven nuclear reactors. Now that they have these nuclear reactors, around 34 percent of Japan’s electricity is now supplied by these reactors. How cool is that?

Many Nobel Prizes have been won by Japanese researchers. What have Japan developed in technology? Japanese have developed advanced gadgets and one of that is the dimensional elevator. When you ride on this dimensional elevator, you will be on your chosen floor of the tower  in just a second. Woah! That sounds fantastic!

high-tech country - fastest elevator - Japan

Advanced elevator in Japan.


Japan has advanced toilets that have heated seats, spray jets, automatic opening lids, and its magical “otohime” sound function. Going to the toilet is so much fun with these toilets, don’t you think?

high-tech country - high-tech toilets in Japan

High-tech toilets in Japan.


Japan have been famous with their video games! It has been a major industry in Japan. Since 1971, Japan have been developing video games. I know you have heard of companies like Nintendo and Namco. These companies are just a few of those who have developed several video games in Japan. Now, these video games are now available in mobile phones which are popular in Japan still. If, like mean you like to cheat at video game, visit this website.

high-tech country - video games in Japan - Nintendo

One of the video games of Nintendo.


When it comes to weaponry, Japan is developing these gundam-like units that can float and can fire lasers. Japan is also widely known for their robot technologies.

high-tech country - Robot Pepper - Japan


When it comes to transportation, they have bullet trains all over the nation but still, they are researching for faster travel ways.

high-tech country - bullet trains - Japan

High-speed bullet trains in Japan.


Do you know how much they spend just for development and research only? Japan spends $130 billion in these fields! That is a big sum of money!

Japan has these world-known companies. Some of these are Toshiba, Sony, Honda, Fujitsu, Toyota, Hitachi, and many more. Japan is very superior when it comes to technology.


What other technologies did you know that Japan have developed?