Like Snow? Check Out These Top 10 Winter Cities!

There is always something better or above the other, in a unique way.

When we talk of winter, we already know what countries have this season. Not all countries experience winter season so for others who don’t have this season, they wanted to experience it with other places. What’s the best in winter? It is the snowy season! Everybody loves seeing snow falling down from the sky but being in snow gives you chills. If you can’t take too much cold, then better not dwell in these snowy places.

In here, you will know the top 10 winter cities. Thanks to the social media sites’ user who helped made this list possible. Know these places where you will experience great winter memories.


New York City

winter cities - New York City snow


Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

winter cities - Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota


Lake Placid, New York

winter cities - lake placid - new york


Green Bay, Wisconsin

winter in cities - Green Bay - Wisconsin


Granada, Spain

winter cities - Granada - spain


Boston, Massachusetts

winter cities - Boston, Massachusetts


Dortmund, Germany

winter cities - Dortmund, Germany


West Yellowstone, Montana

winter in cities - West Yellowstone, Montana


Boulder, Colorado

winter in cities - Boulder, Colorado


Washington, D.C.

winter cities - Washington, D.C


Do you like the winter season?


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