Best Cities With The Best Street Foods!

You don’t have to go out and eat in a very expensive restaurant just to taste delicious foods! If you wanted to taste mouth-watering foods, try to go to these best cities with their street foods specialty.


Chinatown Bangkok, Thailand

city street foods - chinatown bangkok 1

city street foods - chinatown bangkok 2

For just $3, you can already enjoy two to three courses of the finest foods in Bangkok. There are several food stalls here along with restaurants found at the side of the street. Good thing is that these food stalls are covered so you don’t have to worry if it rains; you can still enjoy your time here eating inexpensive but delicious foods. There is plenty to choose from these city street foods that your mouth and stomach will enjoy.


Along Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv, Israel

Are you vegetarian and looking for something affordable to eat? You can find food stalls along Ibn Gvirol Street which serve shawarmas and falafel. You can find vegetarian delights in street stalls of Tel Aviv, Israel. Falafel is an unofficial dish in this place. This is a patty made from ground chickpeas or fava beans or both.

city street foods - falafel

This is how a falafel looks like with its deep-fried balls and pita.

Sabich is one of the vegetarian foods consisting of a pita that is stuffed with a fried eggplant, an egg, and a pickled cabbage. Sabich is originally a dish in Iraq but this dish is fast becoming an Israel local favorite.

city street foods - sabich

This is a sabich with all the veggies inside.


Istanbul, Turkey

city street foods - istanbul street foods 1

city street foods - istanbul street foods 2

Istanbul has a wide variety of street foods that you will love and crave for. Several street foods like kumpir, balik ekmek, and baklava are just a few of them. Kumpir consists of mashed cheese and butter stuffed in a giant baked potato and additional toppings like corn, olives, mushrooms, salsa, pickles, yogurt sauce, and many more. Another street food is the balik ekmek which is a fish sandwich.


Paris, France

city street foods - paris, france

city street foods - paris, france 1

Paris do have street foods as appealing as other places have. Falafel is also sold in Rue de Rosiers, Marais. You can find sandwich vendors selling baguettes in the sidewalks around Saint Michel. During night time, you will smell this very delicious aroma of freshly made crêpes in the Latin Quarter, around Montparnasse, and in areas near nightclubs.


Mexico City, Mexico

city street foods - mexico city street foods

city street foods - mexico city street foods 2

You can find many food stalls in the streets of Mexico City. Foods like burrito and tacos are very popular in Mexico. And if you wanted to eat veggies rather than meat, still this place has abundant street stalls to visit.


Which place would you like to visit to try these delicious street foods?


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