9 Countries With The Highest Minimum Salaries!

Their minimum is not the minimum with other countries!

When you are applying for a work, one of the questions that pops into our mind is, “How much is the minimum salary?”. No matter how we deny it, the salary does matter when we apply for work.

What is a minimum salary by the way? Minimum salary is the lowest amount an employee receives for his/her hours of work. Governments are strictly enforcing this minimum salary laws so that citizens will be protected from corrupt and dishonest employers. Another thing is enforcing a minimum salary rate will help create a stable atmosphere for business.

Minimum salaries differ from place to place. There are some countries which have very low minimum salary. There are also some countries which have high minimum salaries compared to other countries. Take a look at these countries included in the list with the highest minimum salaries enforced in their place.


9. Ireland – Minimum Wage: $22,490

Ireland - highest minimum salary

An employee in Ireland can earn $1874 monthly when working at a maximum of 39 hours each week.


8. Germany – Minimum Wage: $22,950

Dresden Silhouette

In Germany, employees can earn 8.50 Euros hourly. With 40.5 hours of weekly work, they can take home $1,913 every month.


7. Netherlands – Minimum Wage: $23,003

highest minimum salaries - Netherlands

When working 40 hours per week in Netherlands, employees can already earn a monthly income of $1917.


6. Belgium – Minimum Wage: $23,104

Belgium - highest minimum salaries

With 38 hours of work each week, employees in Belgium can already earn a minimum of $1,925.


5. New Zealand – Minimum Wage: $24, 098

highest minimum salaries - New Zealand

Working 40 hours each week in New Zealand will let you earn a monthly income of at least $2008.


4. San Marino – Minimum Wage: $24,347

highest minimum salaries - San Marino

So far, San Marino has the shortest hours of work in this list. Work for 37.5 hours per week and you will earn a monthly income of $2029.


3. Monaco – Minimum Wage: $26,015

highest minimum salaries - Monaco - Monaco streets

In Monaco, a 39 hours of work each week will make you earn a monthly income of $2,168. Another interesting fact is that only 16% of the employees in Monaco earns a minimum salary. The other percent earns a lot more than the minimum.


2. Luxembourg – Minimum Wage: $29,611

highest minimum salaries - Luxembourg

Work for 40 hours every week in Luxembourg and you will earn $2,468.


1. Australia – Minimum Wage: $34,358

highest minimum salaries - Australia

Australia is the top in the list. For only 38 hours of work each week, an employee in Australia will already earn $2,863 each month.


In what country do you want to work now?


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