8 Most Relaxing Cities In The World

If you are thinking of taking a city break, but are really looking forward to a laid back vacation, try one of the most relaxing cities in the world. In this article we look at eight different locations worldwide where you can truly chill out.

1. Vancouver, Canada

While Toronto is well known as a bustling metropolis, Vancouver is surprisingly laid back. Perhaps it’s something to do with the beautiful views of the mountains and gorgeous natural environment of the city’s open spaces. The city even has its own quiet beaches so you can lie back and enjoy your vacation.


2. Marbella, Spain

It’s easy to relax in the sunny Spanish city of Marbella. Known for its long siestas and days of glorious summer sunshine, you can kick back and let down your hair over some delicious tapas at a beachside tapas bar or stroll around the marina watching the boats bobbing up and down.


3. Wells, UK

It’s hard to beat the complete relaxation offered by the city of Wells. England’s smallest city, this rural spot is surrounded by picturesque countryside, pretty thatched cottages and beautiful ancient buildings. Experience the peaceful cathedral and bishop’s palace with its moated gardens, perfect for quiet contemplation.


4. Venice, Italy

Although in high season Venice is packed with tourists all jostling for a gondola ride, off peak, it is a truly relaxing place to vacation. Wandering along the beautiful canals, enjoying a leisurely gelato while strolling through the winding streets, or sipping a glass of wine in stunning St Mark’s Square while the sun goes down are ideal ways to let the stresses of the everyday drain away.


5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

This beautiful walled city is completely pedestrianized, so you never feel hemmed in by bustling traffic. Filled with charming baroque buildings, beautiful pavement cafes and spectacular sea views, it’s a great place to breathe in fresh air and take a stroll around the old town.


6. Cork, Ireland

The Irish lifestyle is incredibly laid back, and Cork is a wonderful example of this way of living. With its beautiful riverside location, this university city boasts stunning architecture and some of the friendliest people you could ever meet. Enjoy the slow pace of life while enjoying a drink and a chat with the locals at one of the pretty local bars.


7. Rishikesh, India

Ever since The Beatles made the world aware of the spiritual nature of this Indian city, this gorgeous place on the banks of the Ganges is a hub of relaxation, yoga and meditation. Experience true peace in the foothills of the Himalayans with a break in Rishikesh.


8. Burlington, Vermont

The whole state of Vermont is known as a haven of relaxation thanks to its stunning scenery and green landscapes, but the city of Burlington is especially chilled out. Enjoying a gorgeous lakeside location, it offers visitors plenty of opportunities to spend a peaceful day on the water, and with its charming pedestrianized shopping streets, you won’t be breathing in the exhaust fumes of stressed out drivers.


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