10 Of The World’s Weirdest Markets!

Have you heard of the different weird markets all over the globe?

When we think of what the word weird means, what simply comes into our minds is that it is not common. It is not common or somehow we can describe it as something unusual. Right? The weird word might come out as something negative for others but it is something positive for other people.

A weird thing might annoy someone or might interest someone. Weird is not so bad at all! 10 of the world’s weird markets are listed here for you. The markets of each place give us a small glimpse of what culture a certain place has. It gives us a glimpse of what that place has to offer! Know these 10 weird markets and enjoy the facts along with it.


Zombie Apocalypse Store – Las Vegas, USA

weird markets - Zombie Apocalypse Store - Las Vegas, USA

Look! Somebody thought of this zombie theme in his business. Zombies has been famous in movies, games, and other media that this guy thought he will earn money selling anti-zombies gear and weapons. So this shop was built! You will find survival guides and packed dry foods here.


Beijing Food Market – China

weird markets - Beijing Food Market - China

Prepare your stomach for these unusual foods sold in Beijing Food Market! Here you can find exotic and uncommon foods like cooked scorpions, spiders, snake, bugs, centipede, and other weird foods that you never thought were edible!


Deyrolle – Paris, France

weird markets - Deyrolle - Paris, France

This is considered as the creepiest market found in Europe, the Deyrolle taxidermy. If you want to have wild animals around your house, this might be the right shop that you need to visit. You will find stuffedtigers, boars, elks heads, bear rugs, and many more.


Diagon Alley Shops – London, UK

weird markets - Diagon Alley Shops - London, UK

You might think that the places found in the Harry Potter series are just made for the movie itself, but they do exist in reality up to now. London has a Harry Potter themed park and you can see the places found in the movie. One famous place in the HP movie is the shopping district of Diagon Alley. Here you can buy your own magic wand and begin casting a spell. You can visit here Crumple-Horned Snorkack, Malfoy Manor, Knockturn Alley, The Leaky Cauldron, and all other famous places found in the HP books and movies.


Fes Tanneries – Marrakech

weird markets - Fes Tanneries - Marrakech

Cities may develop but some parts of it will remain undeveloped. Fes city was founded during the 8th century AD and one district of it that has not changed is the Fes el-Bali Medina. Medina has narrow alleys where skilled craftsmen and merchants sell goods like various spices, fishes, urns, beautiful carpets, dates, musical instruments and more.


Gypsy Brides Market – Bulgaria

Gypsy Brides Market - Bulgaria

Have you heard of this tradition of the Romani or Gypsy? Girls who have reached the right age are taken to the Gypsy Brides Market where their parents sell them to boys! I thought this tradition has already died but no! Parents sell their daughters for up to $6,000 but it is negotiable.


Ka Firushi Bird Market – Kabul, Afghanistan

weird markets - Ka Firushi Bird market - Kabul, Afghanistan

Are you a bird lover? If so, you can find many kinds of birds in Ka Firushi. This bird market is located on a quiet place where no car can pass through so you can enjoy watching the birds and hearing their tweets without any distractions. You can find many sorts of birds here like nightingales, canaries, budgerigars, and other birds.


Lomé Voodoo Market – Togo (West Africa)

weird markets - Lomé Voodoo Market - Togo (West Africa)

Voodoo has deep roots in West Africa but some people think it has originated in Haiti. Whether dead or alive, every creature is important and divine in Voodoo. In this market, you will find different animals with their stages of decay. If you visit this market, don’t be surprised by the smell! Dead animals like lizards, alligators, monkeys, chicken, and other creatures are stacked here to be sold.


Muara Kuin Floating Market – Banjarmasin, Indonesia

weird markets - Muara Kuin Floating Market - Banjarmasin, Indonesia

Banjarmasin is known as the “city of a thousand rivers”. Having no enough land markets, the floating market was established. To bring all sorts of goods to the market named Muara Kuin Floating Market, people ride on small boats known as “jukung”.


Witch’s Market – Bolivia

weird markets - Witch's market - Bolivia

Do you have any idea why this place is called Witch’s market? This market sells all kinds of charms, talismans, dried creatures, and all other weird ingredients that you will be shocked seeing in your soup. This market also sells snakes and their venom, different kinds of herbs, aphrodisiac potions, folk remedies, and other things. Want more? Aside from these things, the Witch’s Market also has real Bolivian witches! This explains how this market got its name.


Have you visited one of these places?


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