10 Best Cities For You And Your Kids To Visit!

You must be wondering what places you and your kids might want to visit. There are a lot of places to visit but in this article, let us pick the 10 best cities to enjoy and have time with your family.

Family will always be a priority for most people. When it is family time, it is always best to go for places that is best for you and your kids. Here are 10 best cities that you might want to spend your family time with


Portland, Oregon

best cities for families - Portland Oregon

Come and visit the Oregon zoo and witness flocks of pink flamingos. Get your kids to visit the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry. Have a trip to the Portland Japanese Garden. The public transportation of this city is affordable at low cost so you can travel everywhere.


San Diego

best cities for families - San Diego

Go to Balboa Park and have fun with the kids. Go to the San Diego Zoo and see for yourself real koalas and pandas. Visit the New Children’s Museum and ride on an antique carousel. These are just a few places you can enjoy in San Diego!



best cities for families - Orlando

Here you can visit and have fun at the Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Get your girl kids to the Frozen Ever After ride and your boy kids to the Universal Orlando Resort where it has Transformer’s and Harry Potter’s theme. In hot seasons, visit resorts llike Disney’s Blizzard Beach and SeaWorld’s Aquatica. Visit the Orlando Science Center or have your kids ride in swan boats while feeding ducks in Lake Eola.


Washington, D.C.

Washington DC, USA

Mostly the attraction spots in Washington DC are free so no worry in spending too much of your money. Have a tour in the National Mall and visit the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History for more dinosaurs, National Air and Space Museum for lunar rockets, and the National Museum of American History. Visit also the National Zoo where you can witness 2,000 kinds of animals including the pandas. Go also to the National Portrait Gallery in Chinatown where you and your kids can have a look at the presidents’ portraits. There’s so much more than that!


San Francisco

best cities for families - San Francisco

Visit the famous The Exploratorium of San Francisco. Get to see river otters in the Fisherman’s Wharf and have a cable ride in Angel Island. Relax and have picnic in Glen Canyon Park.



best cities for families - Chicago

Kids will be amazed in the Crown Family PlayLab and with the largest preserved T-Rex Sue on the The Field Museum. Enjoy an aquatic show in the Shedd Aquarium where you can see real dolphins, sea otters, and whales. Watch also the Adler Planetarium where it offers 8 varieties of shows. Have a glimpse with waterfalls, wildlife and ponds in the North Park Village Nature Center.


San Antonio

best cities for families - San Antonio

Go visit the lovely zoo in San Antonio and River Walk. Enjoy a butterfly playground, sand circle, music garden, and carousel in Morgan’s Wonderland.


New York City

best cities for families - New York City

The very famous in New York City is the Statue of Liberty. Book a reservation for your family and climb 393 steps to the crown of the statue. Visit also the American Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Modern Art. Have fun in the Central Park where there’s a zoo, a carousel, and climbing structures. Get to see a Broadway show and also visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.



best cities for families - Philadelphia

Get your kids to the National Constitution Center. Visit the Liberty Bell and also the Please Touch Museum where there’s a railway exhibit. Also visit the The Franklin Institute where you can enjoy sports challenges and brain exhibits. Don’t forget the Philadelphia Zoo’s KidZooU where there’s a wildlife academy and also a petting zoo. Bring also your family to the Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens and have quality time.



best cities for families - Indianapolis

Visit the largest museum in the world which is the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. If you are a car lover, visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum where you can see 75 different cars. Also go to the 100 Acres where it has fiberglass benches.


What place will you visit first?


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